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Plymouth Sky Sports™ is the only full-service skydiving center in Northern Indiana. We train each student on the basics of freefall in our 25 minute pre-jump class. Before you jump, your instructor will review the information from class and provide you with a jumpsuit, goggles and other items you will need for the jump. After, you and your instructor will board the aircraft and climb to an altitude...

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South Bend Skydiving offers top rated and professional Skydiving in Plymouth. [Read More]

  • Skydiving:
    Tandem (first-time) skydive instruction (no experience necessary); Solo skydive instruction (two tandem skydives required); Experienced skydiver training, coaching, and mentoring
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    Skydiving Instruction
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Skydiving Tips

Skydiving Tips

South Bend Skydiving provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Skydiving ]